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Thursday, May 16, 2019

three axis pneumatic trolley

Three axis pneumatic trolley


Trailer has many applications in today‟s world. In industrial and domestic issues, tippers will pull a range of products as well as gravel, grain, sand, fertilizer, serious rocks, etc. By considering wide scope of the subject, it's necessary to try to to study and analysis on the subject of tipper mechanism so as to create it a lot of economical and efficient. In existing system, tipper will unload only in one side by using pneumatic jack or conveyor mechanism. By this analysis it's straightforward for the motive force to unload the trailer and conjointly it reduces time and fuel consumption. for creating tipper mechanism with such on top of conditions hydraulic jack mechanism may be used. This paper has mainly focused on above problem. thus a prototype of suitable arrangement has been designed. The vehicles may be unloaded from the trailer in 3 axes without application of any impact force. The Direction management valves that activate the ram of the hydraulic cylinder that lifting the trailer cabin in need facet. By this analysis it's easy for the driver to unload the trailer and it reduces the time.


Automation may be achieved through computers, hydraulics, hydraulics, robotics, etc., of these sources, hydraulics
form an attractive medium. Automation plays a very important role in automobile. these days the majority the automobile
vehicle is being atomized in order to product the person. the automobile vehicle is being atomized for the
following reasons:

  •  to achieve high safety
  •  to reduce man power
  •  to increase the efficiency of the vehicle
  •  to reduce the work load
  •  to reduce the fatigue of employees
  •  To high responsibility
  •  Less Maintenance value

                             Click to download full pdf report  of
                   3 axis pneumatic trolley

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